Touchscreen kiosk for gyms and fitness centers


What is the EvolutionFit Touchscreen Kiosk?

EvolutionFit Kiosk is an interactive tool available to your customers in gyms and fitness centers.
What's its purpose?
Your customers can access the EvolutionFit Touchscreen Kiosk in any moment , with their PIN or center card, to view their whole training plan and workout.
The advantages of the EvolutionFit Touchscreen Kiosk
The EvolutionFit Kiosk is a great support for the floor staff, a self-service interactive station for your customers and a way to immediately develop customer adherence
No installation required
The EvolutionFit Kiosk doesn't required installation. You only need to turn it on and it is immediately set up and ready for use.

Tools available to your customers

Consultation of your own workouts
Self-consulting training plan templates
Exercise technical files with 3D videos and 3D exercise images
Muscle maps for every exercise
Comprehensive database with over 900 foods, including nutritional properties
Consultation of their own diet plans
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All tools of touchscreen kiosk

All at a fingertip

Screenshot of the EvolutionFit Kiosk's features
All your customers' workouts, always available
Your customers can view and consult all information with just a finger touch.
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Exercises database on touchscreen kiosk

Exercises database always available

Screenshot of an exercise list according to muscle group
Exercise database including technical files, 3D videos and muscle maps.
Your customer can consult the exercise database searching on the basis of muscle group with the 3D anatomic model.
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Workout on touchscreen kiosk

View and consult the workouts

Screenshot of the workout
Scrolling the contents with just finger motions
Access to their own workouts, to their previous workouts and to the database of available workout templates. Scrolling of the workout with a full touchscreen system, fast scrolling of the contents, fast access to the exercises technical files.
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Exercise technical file on touchscreen kiosk

See how to perfom the exercises

Screenshot of an exercise technical file
Consult the exercise technical files
A constantly developing exercise database. Muscle maps, starting and ending exercise images, 3D videos and explanations. An extraordinary tool for supporting your floor staff and for communication with your customers and their training
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Foods database on touchscreen kiosk

Database of over 900 foods available to your customers

Screenshot of a food list
Consult the comprehensive food database, including nutritional properties.
Eating healthy is essential to reach their goals, and the customers know it. They are able to consult the food database to know what to eat.
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