Workout software for gyms, personal trainers and fitness centers


Software for managing 3D exercise archive and training
3D Exercises database
Hundreds of exercises with 3D graphic design images, including starting and ending exercise position, instructions, muscle map and 3D Videos.
Software for managing workouts
Advanced tools for the creation of workouts. Manage the model database and personalized workouts.
Software for managing anamnesis, plicometry and customers' evaluations
Anamnesis and Plicometry
Software module for managing the customers' evaluation forms, anamnesis, plicometry and health condition.
Software for managing food archive, diets and diet plans.
Diets and food database
Software module for managing diets and diet plans. Use the database which includes over 900 foods.
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NEWS 2017 !

The only software for training with the exercises in version for males and females

Create and manage your customers' workouts
You create the training programs and EvolutionFit automatically converts images from men to women depending on your client's sex.

Print of workout, mail and APP are automatically converts.
Create the workouts
Manage your customers' workouts and training plans using the exercise database with 3D graphic designs, which EvolutionFit makes available to you. Personalise them with your logo and/or your registered name.
Print and send by e-mail
Choose the most suitable format for printing and delivering to your customers, or send them by e-mail. At home, they can then store and print them in their preferred format.
Manage the workout template database
Manage your database of ready workouts. Link them to your customers with just a click. Change personalised workouts in a template, copy workouts from one customer to another, all of it designed to strengthen and quicken your service.
Evolutionfit automatically converts the images depending on your client's sex
Create and manage your customers' workouts
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L'app EvolutionFit personalizzata per la tua palestra o personal trainer
I tuoi clienti cercheranno e scaricarennao dagli store la tua APP Personalizzata. Un grande strumento di immagine! Personalizza il logo, il colore e il nome della tua APP
Un nuovo servizio per aumentare la visibilità e la diffusione del tuo brand. Che tu gestisca un Centro Fitness o che tu sia un Personal Trainer la tua immagine e' fondamentale!
  • Consultare l'intero archivio esericizi con immagini e Video 3D
  • Accedere alle proprie schede di allenamento
  • Accedere alle propri piani alimentari e valutazioni
  • Gestire il proprio diario di allenamento
  • Gestire il proprio diario alimentare
  • Utilizzare la chat con il proprio istruttore o personal trainrer
  • News, post e comunicazioni commerciali
  • Notifiche push anche ad app spenta
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Hundreds of exercises with 3D graphic designs

EvolutionFit exercise database
The EvolutionFit software makes hundreds of exercises available to you, developed with 3D Rendered graphics, including starting/ending images, instructions, maps with the involved muscles and 3D videos.
Exercises for men and women
An ever expanding database
EvolutionFit continuously updates the exercise database, and all new entered exercises are immediately available, free to all our customers.
Personalise the exercises
You can completely personalize the exercise database, change exercise names, the images and even enter your own personalised exercises.
Personalise your exercise database
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Evolutionfit converte in automatico le immagini degli esercizi a seconda del sesso del tuo cliente

Exercises for workout in masculine and feminine version
Exercises for workout in masculine and feminine version
Exercises for workout in masculine and feminine version
  • Up to 12 managed landmarks
  • Method of 3 and 7 Skin folds sum
  • Jackson - Pollock (7 skin folds)
  • Jackson - Pollock (3 skin folds)
  • Katchh - McArdle (2 skin folds)
  • Siri's prediction equation
  • Lean Body Mass (LBM)
  • Fat Mass (FM)
  • Muscle mass (LEE's formula)
  • Basal metabolism
Anamnesis and customer's evaluation
  • Diameter and circumference measurements
  • Morphological type
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Ideal weight and underweight percentage
  • Target heart rate during training
  • Fat mass and fat free mass evaluations
  • James' formula (height and weight)
  • Wilmore and Behnke (circumference methods)
  • Basal metabolism
  • Total daily calorie needs
Over 40 points for body measurements
Over 40 points for bodily measurement

Anamnesis, plicometry and your customers' evaluation

Anamnesis and evaluation forms
Survey all essential parameters of your customers' health condition: circumferences, diameters, weight, BMI, morphological type, target heart rate during training (target zone), pathologies, notes,....Print and send by e-mail the evaluation forms to your customers.
Detect the plicometric surveys. Calculate the percentage of fat mass, fat free mass, basal metabolism with the most used formulas. Manage up to 12 landmarks and the triple measurement protocol.
Your customers' progression
Compare the results of the different surveys, analyse them with reports and diagrams. Show your customers the value of your service and the achievements of their goals.
Body evaluation software, plicometry and anamnesis
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Create diets and diet plans for your customers

Database of over 900 foods
Use the comprehensive database of over 900 foods with all nutritional properties: Kcalorie, proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Personalize it as you want, add foods or supplements which you suggest to your customers.
Create diet plans for your customers
Create and manage your customers' diet plans. Create multi-daily diets, elaborate data for every single meal, day or whole diet plan. Print and send them by e-mail to your customers.
Do you work with a nutritionist?
If you collaborate whith a nutritionist, create a password for them too. Using EvolutionFit, nutritionist creates your customers' diet plans autonomously. They have access to EvolutionFit directly from their office and you'll find the diet plans, that they create, in your customers' profile.
Diets and diet plans software for personal trainers and gyms
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Look at the advantages of the InforYou solution integrated with EvolutionFit
EvolutionFit is completely integrated with InforYou in order to offer you a complete and exclusive solution for your fitness center:
  • Synchronized customers' personal details
  • Shared trainers' managing
  • Shared activities schedule
  • CRM activities specifically from InforYou
  • Sending e-mails and marketing
TS Wellness
Are you searching for an easy and reliable software for managing and controlling access at your center?
TeamSystem WELLNESS is the leading Italian company for managing and access control solutions for sport and wellness centers. InforYou is the complete solution chosen by over 1300 customers
TS Wellness

The Touchscreen Kiosk

Touch screen totem for gyms
Fitness at the touch of a finger
Your customers have access to their contents, in any moment, with their own PIN or center card.
Available to your customers:
  • Consultation of their personalised workouts
  • Exercise technical files with 3D exercise videos and images
  • Muscle maps for every exercise
  • Training plan models
  • Database of 900 foods
  • Consultation of their personalised diet plans
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